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GRP Composite Flat Sheet & Anti Slip Products

General Description

Fybaglaze panels – possibly the toughest impact resistant glazing materials available. Panels are virtually unbreakable and have a high resistance to impact, shock and wind loading, whilst maintaining an aesthetic appearance.

Weight of Panel

Thickness [mm] Weight [kg/m2]

Fire Resistance

Products can be manufactured to different degree of fire resistance:

  1. General Purpose (GP grade – all products)
  2. BS 476 Part 7 Class 1 (surface spread of flame, all products)
  3. BS 476 Part 6 Class ‘O’ (heat release, all products)
  4. BS 476 Part 7 Class 2 (surface spread of flame, all products)
  5. BS 476 Part 22 Half hour fire rating (Fybagard only)

For an explaination of the differences between these ratings “click here

Surface Finishes

Standard surface finishes include:

  1. Smooth / Crinkle
  2. Smooth / Smooth (6mm and above)

Thermal Co-Efficient of Expansion

30 x 10­^(-6) /Deg C
Note: Compared with many other plastics GRP has minimal expansion and contraction characteristics and will not bow and warp in extremes of temperature.

Thermal Conductivity

Fybaglaze: 0.2 w/mK
Note: Significantly lower than glass.

Flexural Strength

170 MPa
Note: Will no bend or flex as much as other glazing products.

Tensile Strength

Note: Seven times stronger than mild steel on a weight for weight basis.

Tensile Modulus

8 GPa

Impact Resistance

Impact Resistant to BS 5544 (cert #: 395-1) and regulation 14 compliant.
Note: steel ball drop test conclude no penetration or breakage of GRP glazing.

Size & Thickness

Fybalyte / Fybagard: Panels can be manufactured to any length but with a width restriction of 1525mm. Can be manufactured in thicknesses from 3mm upwards. (3, 4 & 6mm being standard)

Fybamesh: Restricted to a maximum of 8′ x 4′ 2440mm x 1220mm) sheets or any derivative within these sizes. Can be manufactured in thicknesses from 3mm upwards. (3, 4 & 6mm being standard)

UV/Light Transmission

Up to 83% depending on thickness and surface texture.
Note: The inclusion of our unique surface protection membrane can significantly enhance the quality, appearance and lifespan by providing a high level of UV resistance, thus ensuring continued light transmission.

Graffiti Resistance

A factory applied coating operation permits simple removal of graffiti with no detrimental surface effects to the panel.

Cutting And Handling

Fybalyte / Fybagard: Jig Saw, Bench Saw (using diamond tipped blade) or Guillotine.

Fybamesh: Guillotine abrasive disc or Jig Saw (using metal cutting blades).

All should be cut in well ventilated area using gloves, eye protection and dust particle masks.


Panels are usually supplied on pallets and can be delivered anywhere in the UK within approximately 7-10 working days under normal circumstances. Each panel can be marked with a location code and panel size on the protective covering of the goods if required.


Due to the wide variety of products and variations available in the Fybaglaze range, these technical specifications should be considered as a guide only. Please contact us directly for more accurate product qualities and performance ratings.

Smyth Composites Limited operate as a “Toll Manufacturer” and therefore advise that Customers MUST satisfy themselves that the products they order are fit for the intended purpose.

Full Technical Specifications