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Specialist GRP Products include such items as trenches, cable trays, antenna shrouds, packers, shims and honeycomb core plate.  Depending on the requirements, whether it be thickness, strength, fire resistance, chemical resistance etc Smyth Composites have the technology and experience to manufacture composite flat plate to individual customer requirements.

GRP Specialist Products

Whilst Smyth Composites mainly produce “Flat Sheet GRP” a number of “specialist products” have been developed over the years.

GRP Trenches and Cable Trays

GRP trenches and cable trays are manufactured to customer’s specifications.  Used in Power Plants and Solar Farms, these lightweight units are an ideal substitute to traditional concrete trenches.  Being relatively lightweight they are less expensive to transport, and are much easier to install on site – particularly in remote locations.  Available with or without covers.

GRP Trenches with Grated Covers


GRP Weir Plates and Scum Boards

Utilizing suitable resin systems such as Vinyl Ester, Epoxy, Atlac etc. GRP composite plate can be manufactured to resist highly toxic and acidic chemicals.  They make ideal GRP weir plates and scum boards which are generally offered at 6mm – 12mm thick and can be supplied pre-curved or as flat sheet to a max length of 3000mm.  These boards are widely used in the water industry due to their versatility, low maintenance and easy of fit.



GRP Shims and GRP Packers

Manufactured using specialist glassfibre and resin for added strength, these GRP Shims / GRP Packers are available at any thickness from 2.5mm upwards. These plates can be shaped or cut by waterjet, and if required drilled and countersunk.

Shims and Packers


GRP Tile Clad

A grout free alternative to conventional tiles, these panels provide a hygienic wipe clean surface suitable for a wide range of applications including bathrooms, kitchens, washrooms etc.  Panels can be easily trimmed with standard tools.


GRP Cope

GRP Cope are widely becoming a popular alternative to traditional stone/concrete cope as they are much lighter making installation quicker and the extent of damage should they ever come off (which is most unlikely) much less!

Brick Effect Cladding

Brick effect panels are manufactured from moulds (max size 1220 x 2440), to any RAL colour and in a range of thicknesses from 4mm upwards. Contrasting grout and brick colours can be produced or panels can be made as a single through colour.




Intricately Shaped Panels

Precision cut by waterjet, our GRP panels can be cut to virtually any ornate shape or profile taken from CAD drawings.



Radio Frequency Transparent Plate

This specialist GRP sheet is manufactured using unique resins and reinforcement systems that allow the maximum passage of micro and radio waves. Suitable as an aesthetic screen to conceal antennae, microwave dishes and aerials. Available in sheet form or as a shaped product to form antenna shrouds.




Hygienic Wall Panelling

Produced with a “wipe clean”, taint free polyester surface, our HYGIENIC Wall PANELLING is used in applications such as abattoirs, clean rooms, wash bays and food production areas. Small batch runs can be produced, with corporate colours as a popular feature, with this product line.

General Description

Nominal Weight of Panel


A wide range of “Specialist” products can be manufactured using the same raw materials as those incorporated in our range of FybaTex flat sheet – or occasionally our GritPlate sheet.

The information shown here pertains to FybaTex sheet, more detailed specifications relating to specific “Specialist” products are available upon request.

Thickness (mm)










Fire Resistance

Products can be manufactured to different degree of fire resistance:


Unlike other “Plastic” glazing products GRP will not drip, melt or soften in the event of fire.  For an explanation of the different ratings click here

Colour Range

Panels can be manufactured to the following:

  1. B.S. 4800 Colour Range
  2. B.S. 5252 Colour Range
  3. RAL Colour Range

A colour match service is also available.

Thermal Co-Efficient of Expansion:

30 x 10­^(-6) /Deg C
Note: Compared with many other plastics GRP has minimal expansion and contraction characteristics and will not bow and warp in extremes of temperature.

Thermal Conductivity:     0.2w/mK                     

Tensile Strength:              123MPa

Flexural Strength:             193 MPa

As standard, we used chopped-strand fiberglass… Flexural Strength can be enhanced by the addition of woven reinforcement if required.

Tensile Modulus:                7.1GPa

GRP is 7 times stronger than mild steel on a weight for weight basis


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