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  • Ladder Rung Covers

Anti-Slip ladder rung covers have been used in industrial and commercial environments for some considerable time.

Increasingly they are being retro fitted to existing ladders as they provide an excellent safeguard against the potential for slips leading to accidents, injury and often compensation claims.  Various styles and dimensions are available to suit most rungs.

Anti Slip Ladder Rungs

Ladder Rung Profiles

Surface Profiles

Available as a “U” profile or a simple “semi circle (half round)” profile to suit each individual customers requirements. After researching many forms of grit, Smyth Composites elected to use Fused Alumina due to its superior qualities and suitability for the anti-slip applications. Other types such as Bauxite or Quartz are available by special order. The Fused Alumina is available in a variety of grades:

Ultra-Fine (Barefoot), Fine, Medium, Coarse, Ultra-Coarse


Fire Resistance

Products can be manufactured to either:


Unlike other “Plastic” glazing products GRP will not drip, melt or soften in the event of fire.  For an explanation of the different ratings click here


Thermal Conductivity:   0.2w/mK

Tensile Strength:            123MPa

Tensile Modulus:            7.1GPa

GRP is 7 times stronger than mild steel
on a weight for weight basis

Flexural Strength:    193 MPa

As standard, we used chopped-strand fiberglass… Flexural Strength can be enhanced by the addition of woven reinforcement if required.

Colour Range

Black, Grey (RAL 7001) and Yellow (08 E 51) colour as a standard.  However, rungs can be manufactured to any non-metallic coded colour from the following ranges:

A Colour Matching Service is  available as well as a luminescent yellow option.

Pendulum Test Results


Thermal Co-Efficient of Expansion: 30 x 10^ (-6)Deg C

Compared with many other plastics GRP has minimal expansion and contraction characteristics and will not bow or warp in extreme temperatures.

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