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DecPlate strips have been developed due to increasing demand for a retro fitted anti-slip product to solve the problem of worn, wet or algae covered wooden decking boards.

These strips are available in a 2 or 3mm option, in any colour and with a fine grit profile.

Supplied in various widths or lengths DecPlate is easily fitted using a grab adhesive or screws.

Anti-Slip Decking

GRP Decking Strips provide a safe, robust solution to minimising the potential for slips on areas covered with moss or algae and on low traction surfaces.

Decking strips are a bespoke product made to required sizes and to any BS or RAL colour.  Strips are easily fitted using a simple “glue and screw” method and can be fixed to a wide range of substrates including concrete, timber, asphalt etc.

Strips have excellent U.V. resistance so are not prone to fading after prolonged exposure to sunlight.  Strips are easily cleaned using a stiff bristle brush, or for more stubborn markings, can be pressure washed on a low setting.

  • Massively Improves Safety, Reducing Slips
  • Made to the Size Customer Requires
  • Easily Installed – Minimising Downtime
  • Extremely Hard Wearing
  • Non-Conductive
  • Choice of B.S. or RAL Colours

Installation Guide

Installation Guide - Anti Slip ProductsEach installation will have its own criteria but there are a number of operations and procedures that are applicable in all circumstances. Therefore we have made available for download as a PDF our Guide to Installing GritPlate.

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Nominal Weight of Panels

Surface Profiles

Nominal Thickness










After researching many forms of grit, Smyth Composites elected to use Fused Alumina due to its superior qualities and suitability for the anti-slip applications. Other types such as Bauxite or Quartz are available by special order. The Fused Alumina is available in a variety of grades:

Ultra-Fine (Barefoot), Fine, Medium, Coarse, Ultra-Coarse

Panel Size and Thickness

Panels can be manufactured to any length but with a width restriction of 1500mm. Standard product range can be manufactured to literally any thickness from 2mm upward. As this is a handmade product, containing various raw materials, tolerances apply to both size and thickness which may vary depending on the specifications ordered.  Occasionally we can accommodate “oversized specials” – please contact us for details.

Fire Resistance

Products can be manufactured to either:


Unlike other “Plastic” glazing products GRP will not drip, melt or soften in the event of fire.  For an explanation of the different ratings click here


Thermal Conductivity:   0.2w/mK

Tensile Strength:            123MPa

Tensile Modulus:            7.1GPa

GRP is 7 times stronger than mild steel
on a weight for weight basis

Flexural Strength:    193 MPa

As standard, we used chopped-strand fiberglass… Flexural Strength can be enhanced by the addition of woven reinforcement if required.

Colour Range

Black, Grey (RAL 7001) and Yellow (08 E 51) colour as a standard.  However, panels can be manufactured to any non-metallic coded colour from the following ranges:

A Colour Matching Service is also available.

Pendulum Test Results


Thermal Co-Efficient of Expansion: 30 x 10^ (-6)Deg C

Compared with many other plastics GRP has minimal expansion and contraction characteristics and will not bow or warp in extreme temperatures.

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