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GRP Composite Flat Sheet & Anti Slip Products

Smyth Composites “Ultima Low Noise Tail Lift GritPlate” has undergone TNO testing delivering incredible low noise readings of 50dba.  As a result of these excellent test results, carried out in conjunction with one of Europe’s leading truck tail lift manufacturers, plans are already underway to supply large volumes of “GritPlate” to the company who are now fitting this special low noise anti-slip flooring to their large fleet of tail lift trucks.

Recently the Dutch government, who used to restrict night time deliveries due to high levels of noise, have set standards that allow deliveries, within built up areas, between the hours of 11pm and 7am. As long as the noise levels emitted by delivery vehicles is under 60dba their use will be authorised. The UK, along with other European countries, are expected to adopt a similar policy according to the Noise Abatement Society (NAS) which has initiated a ‘Silent Approach’ Quiet Night Time Delivery Scheme. Smyth Composites low noise tail lift gritplate, which reduces the noise of loading and unloading roll cages from tail lift trucks, is currently undergoing assessment by The NAS and we are confident in gaining the certificate they issue to products that contribute to the reduction of noise.

This will obviously be a benefit for distributors and residents in areas where night time deliveries take place. Goods can be transported when the roads are less busy, reducing delivery times (and therefore emissions and fuel costs) and residents will not be disturbed by night time vehicle noise.

Benefits of Ultima GritPlate:

Additional Applications:

  • Can Reduce Noise
  • Non Conductive
  • Manufactured to Size
  • Easy to Install
  • Very Hard Wearing
  • Non Corrosive
  • Railway Platforms
  • Disabled Ramps
  • Marinas & Jettys
  • Piers & Pontoons
  • Inspection Platforms
  • Forklift Truck Paths
  • Swimming Pools
  • Grating Covers
  • Truck Trailer Floors
  • Tail-lifts
  • Decking Strips
  • Railway Overbridge Flooring


Anti-slip flooring

Colour Range:

Black, Grey (RAL 7001) and Yellow (08 E 51) as standard, other colours available from the following ranges:

A Colour Matching Service is also available.



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