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GRP FYBACORE panels are manufactured by press bonding FybaTex GRP panels on to core materials to produce an attractive, functional, cladding / infill solution for a wide variety of applications.  Specialist high performance adhesive systems are used to create a structural bond between the GRP skins and core material to ensure against potential failure and de-lamination. Tailor made to customer requirements.

GRP Sandwich Panels (Fybacore)

FybaCore panels are extremely versatile and can be used in a wide range of applications; as part of window systems, general wall cladding, door blanks or internal partitions, in kennels and catteries for instance.

Core Materials May Include:

  • Styrofoam
  • Polyurethane Foam
  • Plywood or OSB
  • A combination of the above
  • Door Blanks

Fire Performance

Due to the wide choice of panels and core materials available, products can be made to suit individual customers needs.

Where there is a risk of fire, Class 1 BS476 systems come highly recommended.

Edge Detail

FybaCore can be supplied with optional edge details specific to customer requirements – for instance rebate edges are normally specified when the panel is  be fitted into window recess whereas flush edge panels are used for partitioning.

Glazing Stepped Edge Rebated Stepped Edge Rebated Hardwood Stepped Edge Fush Edge

“U” Values

The”U” value measures the rate at which heat is lost through a material.  The lower the “U” value, the lower the amount of heat lost and the lower the amount of energy wasted.  “U” values will invariably depend on the core materiel chosen, but FYBACORE panels can be manufactured to suit document “L” specifications which require a “U” value lower than or equal to 0.35 W/m2K.


As FybaCore is manufactured by bonding FybaTex panels either side of a core it can come with various finishes; crinkle, leatherette, smooth, ResoTex or woodgrain.  FybaCore can also come in any colour and with different colours to each face.


General Description

Weight of Panel


FybaCore GRP Sandwich cladding panels are manufactured by press bonding FybaTex GRP onto
a range of core materials.  We can offer various
colours, thickness, surface finishes and fire ratings.
Thickness (mm)

24 (ply)

24 (foam)

48 (foam)

57 (foam)






Panel Size and Thickness

Panels can be manufactured to a width restriction of 1500mm and length of 3200mm.  Standard product range can be manufactured to  any thickness from 9mm to 100mm depending on the core used.  As this is a handmade product, containing various raw materials, tolerances apply to both size and thickness which may vary depending
on the specifications ordered.

Fire Resistance

Products can be manufactured to different degree of fire resistance:

For an explanation of the different ratings “click here

Thermal Conductivity:

Dependent on the chosen substrate, but better than 0.35″U” value is achievable.

Tensile Modulus:            7.1GPa

GRP is 7 times stronger than mild steel
on a weight for weight basis

Tensile Strength:            123MPa

Flexural Strength:    193 MPa

As standard, we used chopped-strand fiberglass… Flexural Strength can be enhanced by the addition of woven reinforcement if required.

Surface Finishes

Standard surface finishes include:

  • Smooth / Crinkle
  • Smooth / Smooth
  • Smooth / Leatherette
  • Crinkle / Crinkle
  • Leatherette / Leatherette
  • Smooth / Smooth
  • Smooth / ResoTex
  • Leatherette / Crinkle

FybaCore panels are also available with a gritted surface to one face. Such panels are used for cladding modular buildings or for the roof areas of silo type structures where access is required to rooftop equipment and and insulated anti-slip panel is required.

Colour Range

Panels can be manufactured to the following:

  1. B.S. 4800 Colour Range
  2. B.S. 5252 Colour Range
  3. RAL Colour Range

A colour match service is also available.



Thermal Co-Efficient of Expansion

30 x 10­^(-6) /Deg C
Note: Compared with many other plastics GRP has minimal expansion and contraction characteristics and will not bow and warp in extremes of temperature.

To Download Tech Spec Click Here


Bell Street Police Station, Dundee

Fybacore Insulation Panels at Dundee Police HQ

As part of a large refurbishment of the Police HQ in Dundee the widows and infill panels within the framing system were upgraded.  The infill panels selected were Smyth Composites FybaCore (foam) panels with an internal white finish and an external blue leatherette finish, which was chosen because of it’s excellent anti-U.V. properties.


Various "Core" Options

FybaCore Insulated Sandwich Panel with Foam / Plywood CoreFybaCore (Ply) Insulated Sandwich PanelFybaCore (foam) Insulated Sandwich Panel

FybaCore panels are offered with a variety of “cores”: foam, plywood or a combination of the two.


Alfreton Day Centre, Nottingham

Alfreton Day Centre in Nottingham recently underwent a major refurbishment whereby the entire window system was renewed. The designers specified FybaCore (foam) panels due to the excellent “U” values that could be achieved as well as the long term low maintenance features of the GRP skins.

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