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GRP Dagger Board fascia panels have been specifically designed by Smyth Composites to meet the increasing need, particularly by Network Rail, to replace old wooden fascia boards.

GRP Dagger Boards are non-conductive and maintenance free, removing the need for regular painting or replacing rotten wooden panels as has been the practice in the past.

GRP Dagger-Board Fascia Panels

Smyth Composites Limited have specifically designed a range of GRP Dagger Boards to meet Network Rail’s requirement to replace old rotten wooden boards when they are either carrying out general improvements to station platform environments, or for when they are doing major works involving the cutting back of station canopies to allow for the new electrification system.  Each board is normally supplied at between 1400 – 1500mm wide made up of 9 – 15 dagger blades.

Board Surface Finishes

These solid GRP boards are offered in a number of variants to meet individual stations specific requirements.

  • Tongue and Groove finish
  • Tongue and Groove to one face and flat finish to reverse
  • Flat finish to both sides (with a wood-grain finish if required)

Dagger Board Thicknesses

Generally these boards are supplied from 6mm thick upwards.  Obviously the thinner the board the lighter and more cost effective it will be, however in some instances, where a station has a “Listed” status, for example, the relevant heritage authority may insist on replacing the boards “like for like” as far as thickness is concerned.

End Profiles and “Running Profiles”

Smyth Composites have the ability to supply the GRP dagger boards with various “end profiles” as can be seen from the various images on this page.  And as well as the dagger board panels Smyth Composites can supply GRP “running profile” either as flat fascia strips or more intricate molded profiles.


Although normally supplied in white, these GRP Dagger Boards (or fascia) can come in any RAL colour and in some circumstances in different colours to each face.


Fire Ratings

These panels can either be supplied as standard “general purpose” boards or they can be manufactured incorporating fire rated resins resulting in either BS 476 Pt7 Class II or Class 1 fire ratings.

Why use GRP Dagger Boards?

  • Low Maintenance – avoiding regular downtime/costs
  • Easy and quick to install – again saving on costs
  • Impact Resistant
  • Choice of colour, thickness, profiles
  • Non-Conductive
  • High levels of U.V. resistance – resists colour fade
  • Manufactured to Required Specification

General Description

Nominal Weight of Panel


These are solid, through coloured GRP panels, designed for use in a general cladding and lining applications.  The are manufactured by combining hundreds of thousands of glass strands with pigmented thermoset U.V. resistant resins and gel-coats.
Thickness (mm)










Panel Size and Thickness

Panels are generally manufactured to a width of 1400mm to 1500mm and a maximum drop max of 1800mm.  Standard product range can be manufactured from 6mm thick upwards.

Fire Resistance

Products can be manufactured to different degree of fire resistance:

For an explanation of the different ratings “click here

Colour Range

Panels can be manufactured to the following:

  1. B.S. 4800 Colour Range
  2. B.S. 5252 Colour Range
  3. RAL Colour Range

A colour match service is also available.

Thermal Co-Efficient of Expansion:

30 x 10­^(-6) /Deg C
Note: Compared with many other plastics GRP has minimal expansion and contraction characteristics and will not bow and warp in extremes of temperature.

Thermal Conductivity:     0.2w/mK                     

Tensile Strength:              123MPa

Flexural Strength:             193 MPa

As standard, we used chopped-strand fiberglass… Flexural Strength can be enhanced by the addition of woven reinforcement if required.

Tensile Modulus:                7.1GPa

GRP is 7 times stronger than mild steel on a weight for weight basis

Cleaning and Maintenance:

In order to achieve an ongoing desirable aesthetic effect, panels should be cleaned as part of a regular maintenance plan.  Panels can be cleaned by washing with soapy water, rinsed then wiped with a dry cloth avoiding smears – avoid using an abrasive medium on the surface of the panels.  Exposed edges should be regularly re-coated with either a clear polyurethane varnish or a coloured topcoat supplied by the manufacturer.  “On-site” cuts and drill holes should be appropriately sealed in a similar fashion, and mastic can be used to fill or seal drill holes.



Beaconsfield Station

When Beaconsfield Railway Station had a requirement to replace old wooden dagger boards across the length of their passenger foot bridge they opted for white wood-grained GRP dagger boards from Smyth Composites.  These boards were specified due to the ease of fitting and long term benefits of having a maintenance free product.  The new boards were waterjet cut to match the profile of the original boards allowing the placement of new panels alongside wooden ones that weren’t getting replaced in the current phase of refurbishment.


Examples of Profiles

GRP Daggerboards can be cut to virtually any shape which means we can match existing profiles thus retaining the character and individuality of each location which is particularly important should the area carry a “listed building” status.


Dual Coloured Dagger Boards

As well as different shaped profiles we are also able to offer different coloured finishes.  For example the daggerboards shown here have a green front and an off white rear.


Shenfield Station

As part of the modernisation  programme implemented to upgrade Shenfield Station due to the new “Electrification of the Rail Network” a decision was made to use GRP dagger boards for the canopy fascia due to the non-conductive and low maintenance features these panels offer.  Smyth Composites were happy to work with the contractor to provide the bespoke profile required.

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