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GRP Composite Flat Sheet & Anti Slip Products

Skating RinkFybatex
Case Study #1
Skating Rink

In the course of a refurbishment of an Ice rink in the north east of Scotland Architects have a problem how to clad the perimeter of the rink. The panels have to be highly impact resistant, be suitable for use at low temperatures, and be a solid colour throughout the panel (as opposed to a coated product). The result was an order for over 460m2 of 10mm thick Fybatex solid colour GRP with a deep crinkle embossed surface (to prevent scuffing and scratching). As an added bonus, panels were manufactured in the club colours of the local ice hockey team, by virtue of the colour match service Smyth Composites offer.

Stealth ScreeningFybatex
Case Study #2
Stealth Screening

A directive by central government to local government, instructed local authorities to ‘cover up’ the ever growing amount of Antennae, aerials, satellite, and microwave dishes mounted on roofs of buildings within cities and towns in the UK. Smyth composites now supply many companies with GRP panels suitable for use as Stealth Screening and radio frequency camouflage products. Panels are usually manufactured with a smooth surface which allows them to be painted in a similar theme to surrounding materials, without compromising the passage of radio waves.

Bus Shelter with Grey GRP PanelsFybatex
Case Study #3
Bus Shelters

GRP Fybatex Panels are often used in the construction of Bus Shelters due to the fact that they offer great anti vandal properties.

Case Study #4
Tyndall Bridge, Cardiff

Smyth Composites were approached by a firm of architects specifically looking for a board with high anti-graffiti properties for a new over railway bridge.

Our standard 8mm thick Fybatex board was finally accepted as their ideal solution as it also had high anti-UV properties as standard.

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