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Fybagard at Salisbury Station Salisbury Station Fybagard Refurbishment
Fybagard Rooflights at Salisbury Station Fybagard GRP Glazing at Salisbury Station

Case Study #1
Referbishment of Salisbury Station with FybaGard Impact Resistant Glazing

In early June 2013 Spence were tasked with refurbishing the 19thC impact resistant canopies at Salisbury Station.  The company they subcontracted were instructed to install Fybagard fire retardant GRP panels.

Over a period of months Smyth Composites delivered over 900 panels amounting to just over 1000m2.  Fybagard GRP was chosen as the preferred glazing panel due to is excellent anti-UV properties as well as its inherent strength, durability and authentic Georgian wire appearance.

Blue Tinted GRP Panels inside the Millenniu Dome
Millennium Dome

Case Study #2
The Millennium Dome

In September 1999, Smyth Composites were approached by the offices of the renowned architect ZAHA.M.HADID to assist with a huge potential problem. The much talked about Millennium Dome was due to open to the public on 31st of December amid the pomp and circumstance befitting a such global occasion. Only problem was …they had to design an entire zone within the Dome and it had to be supplied and built within 9 weeks.

The architects decide to go with a Class 0 Fire Rating translucent GRP panel incorporating woven mats and a “blue hue” tint. After three weeks of trials and samples, they settled for a depth of tint that was satisfactory. An order for 3,300m2 of transluscent glazing was placed with Smyth Composites; production commenced against the clock and against the odds! Staff and management worked dayshift, nightshift, backshift, Saturdays and Sundays for six weeks solid in order to fulfil the delivery criteria…and all this without compromising delivery of orders from our regular customers.

Case Study #3
Waverley Station

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Fybaglaze Gallery

Waverley Station - Edinburgh

Waverley Station – Edinburgh

Rooflight Glazing

Rooflight Glazing

FybaGard at Perth Railway Station

FybaGard at Perth Railway

FybaGard at Perth Station

FybaGard at Perth Station