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GRP Composite Flat Sheet & Anti Slip Products

Before After
Old worn anti-slip stair treads on ship Ship's stairs with new GRP Anti-Slip Stair Treads and Noses installed
Old worn anti-slip stair treads on ship Treads after Renovation

Case Studies of Anti-Slip Stair Treads and Noses
Case Study #1
MV Hebridean Isles

Smyth Composites were contacted by a crew member of MV Hebridean Isles who was responsible for a project to replace the old worn stair treads throughout the ship.He’d previously contacted several other companies but wasn’t impressed with the quality of their product or the prices offered!

After recieving samples of our Standard and Premier Stair Treads, and on hearing our very competitive prices, he decided to order enough Premier Treads to complete 2 stairways on a trial basis. After a successful installation and trial period enough treads were ordered to complete a futher 6 stairways.

Smyth Composites are delighted to have supplied these anti-slip stair treads to MV Hebridean Isles and look forward to supplying her sister ships and those of other companies going forward.


Offshore Rig in Malaysia Anti-Slip Stair Treads on Malaysian Oil Rig

Anti-Slip Stair Treads & Noses
Case Study #2
Offshore Installations

In order to meet the high standards of Health & Safety required for offshore installations operators are increasingly making use of GRP Anti-Slip products. Be it flat sheet for gangways, or for steps, stair treads with contrasting coloured noses – both offer excellent anti-slip properties. These are normally supplied with a medium grit finish but for areas where oil spills are likely coarse grit is utilised.


DHL Fire Escape DHL Warehouse Fire Escape
Fire Escape (DHL) Tread Detail - DHL Fire Escape

Anti-Slip Stair Treads & Noses
Case Study #3
DHL Fire Escape

Like many companies DHL have identified an issue with steel fire escapes and that is they can become very slippery when wet.

This new fire escape at a DHL distribution centre in The Netherlands was fitted with Smyth Composites Anti Slip Stair Treads to lessen the risk of people slipping when rushing out of the building and down the fire escape in the event of a fire.

Birmingham Airport - Airplane Steps Birmingham Airport - Airplane Steps

Anti-Slip Stair Treads & Noses
Case Study #4
Birmingham Airport

As part of an ongoing refurbishment programme Alson Engineering Ltd were tasked by Birmingham Airport Authority to upgrade the treads on various airplane steps.  Knowing our reputation for quality anti slip stair treads and our bespoke cutting service Alson Eng came to Smyth Composites to supply the materials required and were delighted at the rate we supplied them at!

Anti-Slip Spiral Stair Treads Spiral Staircase with anti-slip stair treads

Anti-Slip Stair Treads & Noses
Case Study #5
Spiral Staircase

Morris Fabrications, a leading Architectural Metalworking company in the West Midlands were contracted to design and erect a spiral staircase in the new offices of a prestigious client.   Part of the remit stated that the steps had to have a non-slip tread.  Smyth Composites were selected as the supplier and drawings were issued.  From the drawings we were able to manufacture the anti-slip spiral stair treads to the correct sizes for easy installation by Morris Fabrications.  The end user is delighted with the result.

Anti-Slip Stair Treads on Flume Stairway Anti-Slip Stair Treads on Swimming Pool Stairway

Anti-Slip Stair Treads & Noses
Case Study #6
Swimming Pool Flume Stairway

The Time Capsule is a Water Park/Leisure Complex situated in Coatbridge near Glasgow.

The scope of work included the installation of GRP staircases and platforms to house the “Tornado Tandrum” flume and the installation of a replacement “Spiral Style” staircase leading to existing flumes.

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Anti Slip Stair Tread and Nosings Gallery

Steps at NAC Breda FC Stadium
NAC Breda FC – Holland
Safer Steps and NAC Football Stadium
Smart Looking Stairs
NAC-stadion -trappen-3-small
Safer Stadium Steps
Pon Logistics HQ
PON Logistics HQ
PON Logistics HQ Steps being installed
Installing Safer Treads
PON Logistics Safer Steps
A Smart, Safe Entrance

GRP anti slip stair treads covering metal chequer plate

GRP Treads covering metal Chequer Plate

Anti-slip (GRP) stair treads covering metal chequer plate stairs

GRP treads improving anti slip protection

GRP anti-slip stair treads covering steel chequer plate

Improved anti slip protection